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Our in-house content is very carefully chosen for it diversity behind and in-front of the camera and for its real, exciting, original and human storytelling.


From the writer and producer of Harry Brown, Two Graves is a dark modern day revenge neo noir, starring Dave Johns (I, Daniel Blake), David Hayman (Taboo), Josh Herdman (Robin Hood), Katie Jarvis (Fish Tank), Danielle Harold (Eastenders), Cathy Tyson (Mona Lisa), Kedar William- Stirling, (Shank, Roots), Shantelle Rochester-Henry (ACE) and Neal Ward (Hound) and deals with themes of revenge, unspoken secrets and uncomfortable truths. Margaret Powers (Cathy Tyson), a middle aged, middle class doctor of pathology, seeks a path of vengeance when she captures and tortures the young man she believes murdered her son, but in a bid to extract a confession, that path to vengeance leads to tragedy and unearths deeply troubling truths. Helped by a twenty something recovering addict, who survives on her instincts and wits, Zoe (Katie Jarvis), was once a lover of Margaret’s son, now she is dogged by her former pimp, Teddy (Josh Herdman), a deceitful, manipulative and dangerous thug.

Status: Post Production


‘5 Senses, 2 worlds, 1 destination’

Set on earth twenty years in the future at the height of a global warming crisis, created by the biggest terrorist attack the world had ever seen, Connextions explores tangible present day realities, which have created extraordinary beings and an epic journey.


Status: Prep


On the surface Henry seems like a pleasant young man, someone you’d pass on the street without a second glance; but his troubled past throws a shadow over his present as he tries to escape his murderous upbringing and the horrific legacy of his father. When the opportunity arises for his ailing mother to undergo a radical operation, Henry discovers the surgery and aftercare is expensive and Henry has just recently lost his job.

As he tries to make a new life for himself, he finds love with Claire, his mother’s nurse, but like everything else is Henry’s life, she too has a dark secret. A face from the past, one of Henry’s father’s old associates named Logan, offers Henry one night’s work. While enough to pay for his mother operation, the job is a contract killing and Henry must use the hitman skills that his father passed on to him. Reluctantly Henry finds himself slowly pulled back into the world he has so desperately turned away from and as events unfold, it leads to a violent shocking conclusion.

Status: Prep


Based on the true story of 3 generations of the Waller family. This story is told through the eyes of Anthony Wallers granddaughter and begins from the 1940’s right through to the 21st Century. When Anthony Waller fell out of a tree and lost the use of his legs he never thought he would become one of the first republicans to serve Black people drinks over the counter in 1950’s windrush London. This led to a different life for all of his blood line which produced riches, heart ache, laughter and death. Never before has this story been told.

Status: Early Prep

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