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The Ida Rose team are dedicated to telling fresh stories through engaging, emotive and effective content that touches the hearts of its audiences.

Foundered in 2006, Ida Rose and its team of partners have been working and producing in the Creative Industries for over 30 years. The founding CEO Shantelle Rochester-Henry was the former founding CEO of 4 companies specialising in kit, film, Film Training, Locations and production, spanning 18 years.

Shantelle and her team have gained valuable and extensive experience in various business areas but specialise in production from concept to completion and business and finance planning, which is used to produce award-winning content and support females in business.


Ida Rose produces women led content and provides a diverse platform for women writers, Directors, Producers and Actors in Film, TV, Literature and Business.

Our mission is to increase women led opportunities by creating tools and networks to close the disparity of women working in the Creative Industries and business.

The key ways in which we do this is by

  • Producing content to women writers, directors, producers and actors
  • Consultancy
  • Supporting film makers and advising businesses.
  • Courses, Workshops and Mentoring

We provide as much help as we can to support women in business, from individuals to start-ups to big corporate entities and we would love to hear from you.

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